Locks Problem in the News

Love them or hate them, “love locks” have people talking. Below, links from around the world to articles about the conundrum. We will be adding new articles, so check back frequently. Seen an article lately? Share the link with us in our message box!

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The Weight of Undying Love in Paris
(blog post by H. Richer Images – My French Life)
15 March 2014

Paris sous les verrous
(Paris under the locks; article quoting statistics on weight of locks on Parisian bridges)
M le Magazine du Monde, 14 February 2014

 An Affront to Love, French-style
(NY Time Opinion piece written by a Parisienne)
NY Times, 18 August 2012

Les «Cadenas d’Amour» Fragilisent le Pont des Arts
(Love Locks Have Weakened the Pont des Arts)
France TV, 29 August 2013

Les Cadenas d’Amours des Ponts Posent des Problèmes de Sécurité
(Love Locks Pose Security Problems for the Bridges)
RTL, France, 29 August 2013

Le Pont des Arts Surchargé des «Cadenas d’Amour»
(The Pont des Arts is Overloaded with Love Locks)
Le Figaro, France, 27 August 2013

Trop de Cadena Sur le Pont des Arts Commencent à Poser des Problèmes de Sécurité
(Too Many Locks on the Pont des Arts is Beginning to Pose Security Problems)
 France TV3, 17 August 2013

Les Cadenas d’Amour : Gage de Fidelité ou Volonté d’Emprise
Journal des Femmes, France, 11 June  2013

Ponte Milvio, Rimossi i Luchetti Lite sul Museo e Polemiche
(Milvio Bridge, Love Locks Removed to a Museum—and Controversy)
Il Messaggero, Italy, 10 September 2012

Free Your Love. Save Our Bridges.

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