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Paris to Lovers: Love Without Locks

On Monday, August 11th, Paris City Hall launched a campaign targeted at padlock-crazy lovers. The message: “Our Bridges Can No Longer Withstand Your Gestures of Love.” The idea: take a selfie instead, and share it with #LoveWithoutLocks. Your image will appear on a special website alongside other enlightened lovers who choose not to vandalize the city’s most cherished heritage sites.

What's left of the Pont des Arts. A lamp missing, brought down by the weight of locks.
What’s left of the Pont des Arts. A lamp missing, brought down by the weight of locks. After the heavy tourist season, Paris’s bridges are deeply in danger.

This is an important first step in the fight against the padlocks now endangering two of the most important bridges in Paris, and spreading to 11 others along the Seine. It’s an effort to educate people and change their point of view.

In Paris, some critics of the campaign call it “soft” and “ineffective.” And indeed, three months into the heavy tourist season here—the Pont des Arts now with over 15 collapsing panels—one wonders how this selfie initiative will even make a dent in the problem. Still, we hope #LoveWithoutLocks is the beginning of an aggressive campaign against “love locks” and that Mayor Hidalgo will now take a stronger stance on protecting the UNESCO World Heritage site along the Seine. In the meantime, we will continue to push for a ban on “love locks,” as it seems the only way to end this practice once and for all.

Help us, along with Paris City Hall, to promote this lock-free expression of love. Share the hashtag LoveWithoutLocks and the official website,

Sign our petition to ban “love locks.”

Sign Our Petition to Ban ‘Love Locks!’ Save the Historic Bridges of Paris

In 2008, “love locks” began to appear on the historic Pont des Arts in Paris, France. Since then, this trend has spread to other bridges in Paris, presenting a mounting problem of costly maintenance, ecological damage, security issues, and the degradation of cherished historic structures. This is not love. The time has come to enact a ban on “love locks” and restore our bridges to their original beauty and purpose.

Help us stop “love locks!” Sign and share our petition on and within your social network, available in English and French.

We will be posting translations to other languages on this blog, for those who need them. Stay tuned.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Paris or elsewhere, and you don’t have to be French to sign. We want the Paris city government to know that Parisians and visitors alike care deeply about this issue! Join us!


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Give Paris Your Love this Valentine’s Day

NLL Day-photo-US-largeAs an act of love for the city we love, we’ve created No Love Locks Day. If you love Paris like we do, and love her beautiful bridges, we’re asking that instead of hanging a lock on the Pont des Arts this February 14th, you share a kiss—and share this message. Love should be free. Don’t put a lock on it. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers.