Sign Our Petition to Ban ‘Love Locks!’ Save the Historic Bridges of Paris

In 2008, “love locks” began to appear on the historic Pont des Arts in Paris, France. Since then, this trend has spread to other bridges in Paris, presenting a mounting problem of costly maintenance, ecological damage, security issues, and the degradation of cherished historic structures. This is not love. The time has come to enact a ban on “love locks” and restore our bridges to their original beauty and purpose.

Help us stop “love locks!” Sign and share our petition on and within your social network, available in English and French.

We will be posting translations to other languages on this blog, for those who need them. Stay tuned.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Paris or elsewhere, and you don’t have to be French to sign. We want the Paris city government to know that Parisians and visitors alike care deeply about this issue! Join us!


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3 thoughts on “Sign Our Petition to Ban ‘Love Locks!’ Save the Historic Bridges of Paris”

  1. The idea of commemorating our love with a padlock on the Ponts des Arts bridge seemed much more romantic when we thought it was a tradition going back to the days of Victor Hugo, for example. But now learning that it is just a trend (certainly not a tradition) that started in 2008, makes this, to me, just another gimmicky type of thing with no historical base. (Of course it is meaningful to do those who do clip locks on and no disrespect is intended to them.)

    1. The locks first appeared on the Pont des Arts in 2008. Before that, they were appearing in other cities such as Rome (dating to around 1992 or so) and Moscow. There are also stories dating back a little further (but certainly NOT to Victor Hugo) related to bridges in Hungary and Serbia, but no one seems to know if they are true stories or just interesting myths. There is some evidence people in China may have been doing this for a while, but again, no one seems to be able to date the start of the tradition. However, we can DEFINITELY assure you that it did not start in France until 2008, and also that it is not an “American thing” as some people have said. In fact it’s only been catching on in American cities in the past few years (more’s the pity). The thought behind it is sweet in its way, but it is no longer fresh, original, new… and we think there must be many other less damaging ways to create a romantic memory when traveling. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

      1. I detest these “lovelocks” with a passion. Half the lovelockers have probably moved on to other relationships by now. Get rid of these eyesores by having juvenile offenders do community service by cutting them all off!!

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